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1140 Wickfield Court. Naperville, IL. 60563-3300.


Flannery Literary is looking for strong writing, a unique viewpoint, a memorable story, an intriguing character, and a thought-provoking dilemma a young reader is eager to see resolved.

Please send an email query that succinctly describes your book to JENNIFER@FLANNERYLITERARY.COM with the word QUERY in the subject field. We only represent books written for children and young adults.
If you are querying Flannery Literary regarding a picturebook, you may include the entire manuscript. If you have written a novel or nonfiction, you may include a short sample of 5-10 pages. Flannery Literary DOES NOT open attachments, so be sure to paste the text in the email following your query.
Multiple queries are fine, but please mention that in your query. Should you receive an offer of representation, please let us know.
Flannery Literary tries to respond to all queries between 2 - 4 weeks after receipt. Because of the high number of queries this agency receives, we regret that, if passing on your project, a form response is necessarily used. Rest assured, we do carefully consider each query; we merely lack the time for personalized responses.
The worst part of this profession is how many times we have to say no; please believe that Flannery Literary holds authors in the highest regard and that we regard your query and writing samples as nothing less than a pleasure and a privilege, even if we wind up not being the right agents for your project.  
Thank you for thinking of Flannery Literary. We wish you every joy and success in your writing.

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