flannery literary
1140 Wickfield Court. Naperville, IL. 60563-3300.


Jennifer Flannery founded Flannery Literary in 1992 in New York after working at a literary agency in her hometown of Minneapolis and then in the trade department at HarperCollins. Flannery moved her offices to the Chicago area in 1997.
"What happens between the writer and a page and then the page and a reader is the only magic that I've ever seen."
Flannery Literary is looking to find new talent and fresh voices, to help the as-yet-unpublished author find a publishing home. The publishing business is subjective and competitive, so finding a personal connection with a new client and his or her writing is essential and we are, therefore, highly selective about taking on new clients.
"What should we give to our young people if not the very best we have to offer?"

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